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Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak worldwide, you might have some concern about the safety and health during your participation in AuWE 2021.


Since middle April, Australia has so far been successful in largely suppressing the spread of Covid-19. Most of the state or territory restrictions have been removed meanwhile most domestic businesses and industries have recovered.


Don’t worry. Let’s see what we will do for you:

Act in line with governmental guidelines & real-time COVID-19 updates. 

Putting health and safety as utmost priority, AuWE is carefully monitoring the latest developments and will act in line with guidance from governments and WHO. 


Online and offline business support. 

Market insights including white papers, webinars and industry opinions will be updated on frequent basis, meanwhile the exclusive online 1-1 meeting platform will be launched 1 month earlier to facilitate pre-event communications.


Permanent tickets extension.

All pre-registrants who are not able to attend the event due to travel restrictions or safety concerns could extend his/her ticket to Leader Associates' global events with no expire date.

Body temperature measurements. 

Hold the first line of defense when entering.


Ensure hygiene on every step. 

All participants will have free access to alcohol-based hand rubs, cleaning sanitizer, mask and necessary medical supports onsite. 


Greet with a nod/bow.

Make a nod/bow instead of handshaking to reduce exposure of physical contact.


Keep air ventilation.

Avoid using central air conditioner in the public meeting space.


Use cups with lids.

Public glasses and coffee cups will be replaced with disposable cups with lids.

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White Paper

Wind Energy Market in Australia

To help more companies restore business confidence and unlock business potentials in Australia, the Organizing Committee of AuWE 2021 is happy to offer "Christmas Rate" to all participants who register due 18th of December. You are able to enjoy up to 28% off upon our standard price; for 3 or more delegates, excellent group rate is offered to you, up to 35% off.

Save up to US$528 per person right away. Click here to register

For additional questions, please write to for further assistance.

With My Best Regards,

The Organizing Committee of Australia Wind Energy 2021