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AuWE logo官网展示_画板 1(1).jpg

AuWE’s Rebranding

The five blocks represent:


  • Policy & Regulation

  • Finance & Investment

  • Technologies

  • Supply Chain

  • Offshore Wind

The squares are angled to indicate forward motion, representing the growth of the wind energy industry.

The kangaroo is a symbol of Australia; furthermore, its leaping appearance indicates Australia’s wind industry is running rapidly on its way.


To commemorate the significance of VRET 2030 target, the angle is set at 19°, the year of legalization

On 30 October 2019, the Renewable Energy (Jobs and Investment) Amendment Bill 2019 (Vic) passed the Victorian Parliament, bringing the VRET 2030 target into legislation. VRET 2030 target is the first renewable energy target legislation on/above state level in Australia, followed by most of Australian state governments’ RET setting and finalization.

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