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Event Ambassador Interview:
Transforming Energy, Empowering Change

Meet Interviewee :

Mr. Per Mejnert Kristensen

President, APAC


In the world of offshore wind farm development and operation, Ørsted stands as the unrivaled leader. With an impressive track record of 33 successfully constructed offshore wind farms across Europe, APAC, and the US over the past three decades, Ørsted's expertise is unmatched. 

In the dynamic Asia Pacific region, Ørsted is actively driving the green transition by strategically operating in markets with immense potential for value-generating offshore wind projects, in particular Australia. 

Join us at the prestigious AuWE event ambassador interview, where we engage in an in-depth conversation with Mr. Per Mejnert Kristensen, President of Ørsted APAC, as we explore their pioneering APAC wind strategy and their focused initiatives in Australia.


Molly Huang

Head of Content & Corporate Responsibility


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