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Sustainability & Diversity Night 2024

Date: 10 July 2024
Time: 19:00 -21:00
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Gala Dinner: Sustainability & Diversity Night 2024

The Sustainable and Diversity Night shines a spotlight on the promotion of diversity within Australia's clean energy workforce, celebrating the achievement of a more inclusive and energetic industry environment that propels us towards a net-zero future. 

This distinguished gathering brings together over 480 delegates from the forefront of the clean energy industry, government officials, influential global trade envoys, inspiring female leaders, outstanding youth representatives, and vibrant local Aboriginal communities. 

It offers limitless and exciting opportunities for attendees to connect, ignite innovative ideas, and forge powerful partnerships that will shape the future of clean energy. 
Women In Net-Zero Future
Meet with our inspiring female leaders from ‘Women In Net-Zero Future’ Program at the dinner.

In Partnership with 

Enjoy The Night For

Vast Social Network
We bring together diverse representatives from the forefront of the clean energy industry, fostering a vibrant social network that thrives on innovative and open-minded communication

Diverse collaborative opportunities
We create a dynamic platform with an exquisite gala dinner environment, where ideas flow freely and partnerships flourish, fostering meaningful connections and exploring valuable cooperation opportunities.

Consensus on sustainability and diversity
We embrace the power of diversity within the clean energy sector, fueling the sustainable development of the industry.
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