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Master Class:
The Possibility of Offshore Wind to X

Master Class: The Possibility of Offshore Wind-to-X

From green energy to green fuels, Power-to-X is seen as an essential technology to convert the renewables and to decarbonize the hard-to-abate industries. While this novel concept has become a hit in Europe, it also holds significant potential in Australia as the country pledges to net zero. - For wind energy players in Australia specifically, power-to-x also represents a new possibility that extends the boundaries of traditional power generation business.

Denmark is the current world leader in terms of power-to-x study blessed by enormous offshore wind resources. Meanwhile, the Danish government is preparing for the world’s first power-to-x tender that is expected to release by the end of the year. What lessons can we learn from the Danish experience? This course provides insights from the
Danish Energy Agency.

Follow the Danish PtX Strategy and tender info:

Meet the Speaker:

Mr. Simon Maul Hansen, Advisor, Danish Energy Agency

Mr. Simon is an advisor on offshore wind in the Centre for Global Coorperation in the Danish Energy Agency. The Centre for Global Cooperation shares best practice from decades of green transition in Denmark through government-to-government cooperation to increase the speed of global green transition.

Simon works as the project lead on activities with public authorities in Australia.

The course includes:

  • Danish Climate targets and political agreements

  • The strategy for Power-to-X produced by offshore wind

  • What to focus on Power-to-X in Denmark

  • Utilization of Power-to-X in Demark

  • Future prospects, opportunities, and current barriers

Insights Brought to You by:

Simon Maul Hansen


Danish Energy Agency


Molly Huang

Head of Content & Corporate Responsibility

Leader Associates

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