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[IMPACT Webinar]
Unveiling Australia's Prominent Offshore Wind Era: Current Landscape and Future Prospects in the Four Key States

[IMPACT Webinar]: Unveiling Australia's Prominent Offshore Wind Era: Current Landscape and Future Prospects in the Four Key States

Live on Nov 15, the IMPACT Webinar on Australia's offshore wind landscape provided valuable insights into the current state and future prospects of the industry. The discussions revolved around the perspectives of government officials, industry leaders, and legal experts, offering a comprehensive view for stakeholders keen on the Australian market.


2:47 -6:12 | Positioning and Development of Offshore Wind in Tasmania

Hon Jeremy Rockliff, Premier, Tasmanian Government

6:28 -8:48 | Offshore Wind Strategy and Next Steps in Western Australia

Hon Bill Johnston MLA, Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Hydrogen Industry; Industrial Relations, Government of Western Australia

42:00-01:09:10 | Best Practices from Danish Offshore Wind Industry Expansion

9:10-40:41 Ulrik Dahl, Consul General & Trade Commissioner for Australia and New Zealand, Trade Council of Denmark in Oceania

Market Deep Dive - Navigating Law and Regulation Updates

42:00-1:09:10 | Australia Offshore Wind Market Overview: The Current State of Play

Jeff Lynn, Partner, Ashurst

1:09:30-1:35:00 | Feasibility rounds in Victoria and Hunter: Next steps for successful license applicants

Sophie Westland, Senior Associate, Ashurst

1:35:35-2:00:18 | Market Entry Strategies into West Australia and Tasmania Offshore Wind Market: Lessons learned from Gippsland and Hunter

Bree Miechel, Partner - Projects and Energy Transition, Ashurst

2:00:51-2:21:23 | [Panel] Client Advice looking ahead of 2024: Australian and international perspectives on the Opportunities, Obstacles and Pathways forward

Jeff Lynn, Partner, Ashurst 
David Wadham, Co-Head, Projects & Energy Transition (APAC), Ashurst
Peter Grayson, Partner, Ashurst

Our Top Takeaways:

1. Government Pioneering Offshore Wind Development:

Hon Jeremy Rockliff, Premier of Tasmania, and Hon Bill Johnston MLA, Minister for Mines and Petroleum in Western Australia, warmly welcomed international investments, signaling a growing recognition of offshore wind as a crucial player in Australia's energy transition.

2. International Wisdom – Channeling Denmark’s Success:

Ulrik Friis Dahl, Danish Consul General and Trade Commissioner, shed light on Denmark's successful offshore wind industry, providing data-driven insights. Key takeaways emphasized the importance of subsidies, a steady project pipeline, addressing social license concerns, job creation, sustainability focus, and government participation. These lessons underscored the imperative for Australian policymakers to set clear targets, establish robust project pipelines, and provide financial support mechanisms.

3. Legal and Regulatory Insights from Ashurst:

Jeff Lynn, Partner at Ashurst, presented an overview of the legal landscape, emphasizing key points for stakeholders navigating Australia's offshore wind market. Data highlights include Australia's aim for 82% renewable energy by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050, with over 30 feasibility license applications showcasing growing interest. Six identified priority areas and global trends were discussed, focusing on government support, supply chain challenges, policy certainty, and learning from international experiences.

4. Implementation and Future Outlook of Victoria's Offshore Wind Project:

Sophie Westland, Senior Associate at Ashurst shared guidelines on the implementation timeline and plans for Victoria's offshore wind project. The government's target of 2 gigawatts by 2032 reflects a high level of interest. The entire process, estimated at six to eight years, considering various challenges, emphasizes the significance of Australia in the renewable energy landscape and the market's vitality and future potential.

5. Tasmania and Western Australia's Ascent:

Bree Miechel, Partner - Projects and Energy Transition revealed that Tasmania and Western Australia have yet to release their offshore wind strategy documents, but their significant interest was evident. Statistics highlighted the vast potential of the Bass Strait region, exceeding 10,000 square kilometers, with a power generation potential of 28 gigawatts, surpassing Gippsland's 10 gigawatts. The data emphasizes the substantial opportunities in the regions.

6. Global Offshore Wind Market – Panel Discussion on Macro Volatility:

In the Pathway finding panel discussion, David Wadham and Peter Grayson, partner of Ashurst’s Tokyo Office shared their experiences in the global offshore wind market. They discussed the current complexities, emphasizing that despite challenges, global policy support for offshore wind remains strong. The importance of government support and a balanced approach between risk and return, particularly in the context of supply chain issues, was highlighted.

Editor’s Note: “The IMPACT Webinar collectively conveyed a sense of optimism and determination among participants to propel Australia into a prominent era of offshore wind. The insights provided by speakers underscore the pivotal role of offshore wind in Australia's energy transition, offering stakeholders actionable insights for meaningful participation in this emerging and promising sector.”

Insights Brought to You by:

The Honourable Jeremy Rockliff



Tasmanian Government

Ulrik Dahl


Consul General & Trade Commissioner for Australia and New Zealand


Trade Council of Denmark in Oceania

Ms. Bree Miechel

Partner - Projects and Energy Transition 


Mr. Peter Grayson






The Honourable. Bill Johnston. MLA.

Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Hydrogen Industry; Industrial Relations


Government of Western Australia

Mr. Jeff Lynn





Mr. David Wadham

Co-Head, Projects & Energy Transition (APAC) 



Ms. Sophie Westland


Senior Associate 




Molly Huang

+86 1560 177 4853

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