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Impact Webinar:
Legislating Australia's Wind Net Zero

[Impact LIVE] Legislating Australia's Wind Future
(Part of APAC Wind Energy Week 2023)

Date & Time: 14:30 - 16:00, GMT+11, Feb 6 Monday

Format: Digital Conference


Australia is currently the most watched wind energy market across the APAC region and the top lead in terms of development readiness. With world-class wind resources endowment and a series of landmark regulatory progresses in place, including the release of the Offshore Wind Electricity Regulations 2022 and declaration of dedicated Offshore wind zones, the wind industry in Australia, especially the offshore wind industry, is standing at the tipping point from growing to maturing. As we look ahead to 2023, what can we expect from the market in the next phase? This webinar serves as New Year's gift that depicts the Australia wind state and future, with a keen focus on critical regulatory updates and industry reflections.

Feb 06 IMPACT Agenda (Melbourne Time)

14:00-14:10 | Organizer Welcome

Molly Huang, Head of Content, Leader Associates

14:10-14:20 | [Guest of Honor Welcome]: Next Steps for Victoria's Offshore Wind Development

Anh Mai, Executive Director, Offshore Wind Energy Victoria,

Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), Victoria Government

14:20-14:40 | Forecast to 2023: The Australia Wind Policy Roadmap

Hugo Batten, Managing Director, APAC, Aurora Energy Research

14:40-15:00 | [Opinion] Overview of the Regulatory Process of Offshore Wind Development in Australia Federal and States 

Matt Baumgurtel, Partner – New Energy Lead, Hamilton Locke

15:00-15:20 | [Opinion] Floating Wind's Fast Forwarding Future: The Global Promises and Aussie Potential

Taraz Saba, Power Generation Service Line Lead - Asia Pacific, GHD

15:20-16:10 | [Leader’s Panel] How can Industry Pioneer Gippsland as a World Leading Offshore Wind Demonstration Zone?


Sally Torgoman, Partner, Commercial Advisory & Transactions, KPMG


Nicola Falcon, GM - Victorian Planning, Australia Energy Market Operator

Chris Buckingham, Chief Executive Officer, Latrobe Valley Authority

 Penny Pickett, Development Director, Australia, Corio Generation

Jonathan Smith, General Manager Business Development, Australia, Vena Energy

Nick Sankey, Country Manager, Australia, Bluefloat Energy

Feb 06 IMPACT Agenda (Melbourne Time)

Insights Brought to You by:
  • Olli Sipilä

Anh Mai

Executive Director, Offshore Wind Energy Victoria, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)


Victoria Government

Matt Baumgurtel

Partner – New Energy Lead

Hamilton Locke

  • Giulia Branzi

Sally Torgoman

Partner, Commercial Advisory & Transactions


  • Giulia Branzi

Chris Buckingham

Chief Executive Officer

Latrobe Valley Authority

  • Giulia Branzi

Jonathan Smith

General Manager Business Development, Australia

Vena Energy 

  • Sara Kärki

Hugo Batten

Managing Director, APAC

Aurora Energy Research

Taraz Saba

Senior Technical Director and Power Generation Service Line Leader, APAC


Nicola Falcon

GM - Victorian Planning

Australia Energy Market Operator

  • Giulia Branzi

Penny Pickett

Development Director, Australia

Corio Generation 

  • Giulia Branzi

Nick Sankey

Country Manager, Australia

Bluefloat Energy

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